Welcome to Betsy Royall Casting

Betsy RoyallGrowing up in the casting world and chosing a career in it gives me the opportunity to really build relationships with clients and know how to interpret their needs. Every project is completely different and every director has a vision that needs to be translated. I cast "real" people, nonunion and union actors for commercials, movies, episodic television, print, voice overs and industrial training films. Knowing a range of performers and their skills helps me to determine the best way to tackle each, unique project. I love getting to know the client and their exact needs in order to match them with the right talent to make the project amazing!

My mother, Martha Royall, started Taylor Royall 30+ years ago. Today the family business continues as my husband, Scott Goodhue, owns and runs it.

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Hear more about Betsy on her WQLV radio interview.

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